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2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies


Don't forget to check in between now and Apr 7th. To make it easier, add your number to this list.

Ex: 100: Me



Like I know my number. I dragged my feet signing up for #83, my usual actual race car number, but the list didn't go that far. :p

I am on the end of the list, but don't recall which page that last list is on to look it up.

Anyway, Still In as always. :)

Chrysler Imperial, purring like a cat.

Still in. #37, I think...39?47?.. I don’t know. I think I’m on team 7...
Also, I have acquired my “exception” item. A fatip slant.
#55 checkin in.

Still rattling along.
Not really tempted by any shiny things along the way, as I'm all busy to maintain my jaloy.
Only stopped now and then to collect parts I've lost, but those weren't even shiny.
SOTD (# 62/2020)


Preshave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush: Semogue 1800 (Boar)
Soap: Murphy and McNeil ~ Trinity (Sample)
Razor: Gillette 40's style Super Speed
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Germany (3)
Postshave: frigid tap water, Fine Platinum AS, Nivea After Shave Balm.

JAHE - #6 still in the race.

(Soap Samples: minus 6)
#18 Triumph Gloria Vitesse is still purring along.

I put my Bic blade from one blade February into my X2 Canadian Tech midway through March and have been happily using it every day since. Still working away at my cocktail of Haslinger remnants.

I hope all my housemates appreciate my awesome daily shaves.
#61 Checking in and going strong, still haven't even seriously contemplated (no pun intended) my exception.
Still working on the Stirling with little deviation, I did wear a donut hole in the center but kind of smushed the soap back to level so it's closed up for now. Pretty sure I'll be able to finish it off in April and move on to something else...triple milled or maybe a glycerin soap. We'll see.
Emptied a bottle of Kramperts and my Stirling Gatlinburg, not going through as many splashes this year as I used up most of my partials last year, but I restocked carefully and sparingly so no doubts there will be a net den reduction this year.

My tally:
Preshave - 1 (noxema)
Aftershave - 2
Soap - none yet.

Congratulations to all who made it this far, the tough part is over.