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February 2024 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)


Shield Stomper
Rhinoceros ½blade (23)

Final shave of the month snd a successful GRUME completed.

Pre-Shave: Warm Face Wash
Razor: GD 66 6/8
Brush: Frank Shaving 3-Band Silvertip Badger
Soap: Mike’s Natural Soaps Hungarian Lavender

Post-Shave: Alum Block
Lothur Calm AS Splash
Bart’s Balm Unscented
Czech & Speake Ixford and Cambridge Cologne

Lovely calming Lavender themed shave to close out the month. No dramas just snd enjoyable straight razor shave. Still new to this way of wet shaving but am enjoying it so far. The GD proving to be a cost effective way into the world of straights.
Well done if of you that successfully competed the GRUME and must try harder to those that didn’t 🫢

Leap Day, 100% complete

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat (Tallow)
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, Personna 74 #37
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea Balm

Back to MWF for Leap Day. Got a reasonable social shave out of the stropped blade.

Made it to the finish line. I hope to see some of you over in the March GRUME.
366 daily shaves

Blackland BlackbirdGillette Bleue (9)Omega 10810
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Mike’s Natural Soaps Barbershop (41)
Cold splash
Proraso Green

PassesWTG XTG ATG and touch up
(details here)
Quality / My process
9.75/10 (Significantly Consistent)10/10
EffectivenessComfort / Blade condition


Summary. Thursday so why not use a Blackbird? Splendid last shave of February and with this blade as well. Tomorrow we roll into March and are down two months with ten more to go in this year restraint. Feeling totally at ease with my hardware and software.

For extended shave notes click here.

Enjoy your shave!
Made it through February! I just realized I used an unusually large amount of my razor collection this month. They include my gold fat handle and silver PostWar Techs, a Gem Jr. 1912 series, an Ever-Ready 24-14 (Little Lather Catcher), and my Star New Model (1903). I’m fairly certain I used all three of my brushes, and three of Mike’s Natural Soaps.
See you in March, and thanks again to @FoolishMortal for making this happen again.
Been in a fog must of the week so only shave Tuesday and forgot to post about it.

Today's shave, 2 days of growth

February : 14
2024 GRUYERE : 32

Razor : Merkur 34 HD C
Blade : Wilkinson Sword (1)
Pre Shave : NA
Soap (SOTM) : Hendrix classic & Co Badass shave soap.
Brush : Maggard SY 26
Aftershave: Osma Alum block,
Here's to a successful March for everyone. Second day in, no temptations.
Razor: Fat Boy E4
Blade: Bic (3)
Brush: Kent Synthetic
Cream: Speick
AS: Speick Balm

Caught my neck pretty good on an upward stroke. Felt it right away. Honestly was shaving a bit lower than I need to. It happens. Otherwise a marvelous shave.
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