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Being somewhat new to the wonderful world of wet shaving, I've bought a few brushes, all of which had their strengths and weaknesses. One thing I found was that large knots, like a 30mm size, just seemed too unwieldy for me. I went on the ClassicShaving website, and spent a fair amount of time searching for that one brush that would offer the best of all worlds to me. Eventually, I selected the Vulfix 2234, and since it has come, I've decided that it's an amazingly good value. The handle, formed of faux ivory and lathe-turned, is beautifully made and very ergonomically friendly. It stands 50mm high; as do the Super Badger bristles. The total height of 100mm makes it long enough to reach nicely into any shaving bowl/scuttle, yet it remains very manageable. I was a little worried about the 22mm knot width, but have come to love it. This brush holds moisture beautifully, lathers better than any brush I've owned yet, and holds its shape very well. All in all, for around $60, this is an extraordinary value.

Thanks for the comments, fellows. And yes, I will agree - this isn't exactly a stiff brush. But that's one of the very reasons why I bought it, and love it. Having said that, this morning, I used a Shavemac 22579, which I'll use for certain of my creams that require a stiffer brush. Today, for instance, I used Castle and Forbes Lavender, which has the thickest viscosity of any creams that I own. I wouldn't try the Vulfix on that. As well, for those of you who like to whip lather up on your face, no - this isn't the brush for that. But, on days when I feel like using Taylor's Lemon and Lime cream, this #2234 is pure luxury to whip that in a bowl, and to apply. Dennis, you exaggerated a tad, saying that it's so floppy that the bristles fall down on the handle. Not even close. But, this has its place and my review stands. I have other Vulfix brushes that are stiffer, and I own other brushes that aren't as stiff as this one is. Thanks, though - I'll have to try a Crabtree and Evelyn brush one day.

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this is my second brush. the first i had was the van der hagen boar brush. this brush is much softer and more luxurious than the boar. i agree with other reviews that say this is not a very dense brush and it is pretty floppy. however, i have used this brush with soaps and creams, and it works just fine with both. for the price, this is a great brush, but im sure there are much better brushes out there.
Dennis;371600 said:
This was my first shaving brush. I hate it. This brush is the definition of floppy: the loft is long, the badger hair has zero backbone. If you stick this brush under running water, the badger hairs will practically fall down to the handle. It feels like a wet mop on the face. The density on this brush is about nothing - it seems like they forgot to put the the other half of the badger hair in the knot. Everything, as I later learned, I dislike in a brush. The upsides? It is a quality brush, mine has not shed at all, handle feels great, and it is well made. It works better for creams than soaps but can work for either with much effort - you need to "support" the bristles by choking up on them and holding them at the base. You can do much better than this brush for a first one - the Crabtree and Evelyn Best Badger for $35, and for a few bucks more practically any Saville Row.

When I wet the brush, the badger hair will splay out out to the sides very severely. I need a better picture than this old one. I stand by my comments.

I have to agree with Dennis on this. I don't think my brush could be any more floppy. If you are a face-latherer this brush is a terrible choice. For bowl lathering it is adequate. IMHO.

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