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RazoRock 506U Boar (Zenith B18) in Olive Wood

The perfect brush

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Knot: 26 mm
Loft: 64 mm
Handle: turned Olive Wood handle
Bristles: bleached

I purchased this brush almost 2 years ago and it is a fantastic brush from the get go.

Although RazoRock sells these brushes under their brand, the brush is made by Zenith and knot is most probably the B18 (nomenclature from Thegentleshave)


Do not be intimidated by the loft, the bristles are not floppy and provide a very sensible scrub and the splay is magnificent.

Break-in: it took less than 15 sessions (of lather - rinse - towel dry) to fully developed stage. The bristles are one of the most well behaved boar bristles, they generate very rich lather.

Feel: the tips are a combination of split hairs and some scrubby bristles. Zenith has really reached the level of Art with boar bristles with this brush.

Performance: this is a Jack of all trades kind of brush. It doesn't matter if you are face lathering or bowl lathering; only beard shaver or beard + dome shaver, etc this brush hold enough lather to satisfy the requirements easily.

Splay: as you can see, even after more than a year of usage, the bristles are holding a very respectable shape and not splaying like an umbrella in dry state. This is a good tell about the backbone of the bristles.

Density: one of the USP for this brush is it's fine balance of density and splay. It is dense enough to give massage, some scrub and hold its shape without ever going floppy and the knot is well made that when required, it is splayed easily without irritation on a one pass done stubble area.


Recommended: Absolutely yes!

It is great boar brush for both new and experienced users, medium to large size boar brush users will enjoy this brush and the lather returning tendency also helps those who prefer not to waste too much lather.

Drying period: it takes a full day or more to fully dry as the knot is dense at the middle and at the base, so a rotation of brushes is recommended to fully enjoy the bristles.

Negative: the handle is going to be a love or hate kind of thing, as wooden material and small handle size may not be preferred by everyone.
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