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Semogue Galahad C3 Banded boar

Excellent brush in all parameters

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Knot: 22 mm
Loft: 55 mm (53mm actual)
Total height: 115 mm
Handle material: polished resin Red



I purchased this brush about an year ago and it has been the fastest boar brush in terms of break-in period.

It took me less than 10 shaves (including lather + rinse + towel dry sessions) and the brush developed quickly after that.

This is a small brush as compared to big guns of Zenith and Omega series, but it performs well above it's price point.

Lather is released pleasantly, doesn't hog much lather, and bristles have some un-splittable bristles mixed, so it has some scrub present, not too much backbone but enough to maintain it's shape when face painting.

It easily holds enough lather for 2 pass and touch-up for me, and I actually prefer that in this brush.

Loads triple Milled soap as easily as Speick Shaving cream, and performs like a pleasant scrubber without irritating the skin.

Recommended: absolutely yes

For whom: beginners, small brush preferring people, Shaving cream users, daily or alternate day shavers, etc

Negative: only thing I can find is the relative lack of density as compared my other boars from Zenith, but since this is a 22 mm knot it is understandable.
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