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Good brush but there are better options

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This is a love/ hate kind of brush.

Classic doesn't always equate to being great - this is a good example

Love: because of it's perfect balance of splay, backbone and massaging feel

Hate: because of extremely lengthy break-in period, multiple lather eating fiascos


The brush took me more than a year of lathering sessions; I don't know if that is really how long it takes to break-in or it was something in the quality of water here but lathering and latter release was a real pain for the majority of the year.

It came through only recently and by this time, I've realised that there are many better options in the same price, which performs better with less break-in period.

Recommendation: Yes and No.

Yes for experienced users, and for those who love big boar brush and don't mind long break-in periods.

No for those starting out with boar brushes - get a smaller knot boar brush, it'll be a much smoother experience.


Backbone: great but not scrubby

Splay: good

After break-in performance: good to great.

Worth it?: Yes, it was all worth it.
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