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‘Starwalker’ Fountain Pen

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Replica (China), Montblanc ‘Starwalker’ Fountain Pen

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Pros: The nib (M), is a steel affair with almost expert fine detail work in copying the classic ‘4810’ 14K MB logo & motif on the nib (nice).
Cons: It does not fit ‘standard international cartridges’.
Upon arriving from China (Gravelock Co Wholesale & Retail - 7 days ‘Express’ mailing time from Guangzhou […that was fast]), and after ‘flushing out’ this pen using member ‘Snargle’s’ (a.k.a. Larry), kind advice (http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/239023-What-Pen-are-you-waiting-for?p=7662189&highlight=#post7662189...see post #210), this is a very nice-looking, unique and eye-catching fountain (FP), and the pictures enclosed do not do any justice (my fault…not enough pixels on my camera), of this replica. :thumbsup:
Solid body, trim is even (I'm impressed...really), and it feels ‘nice’ in my hand and good balance too. Very impressed with the replicated engravings and logos down to the smallest detail (i.e., serial number on the side of the clip). Body is most likely hard plastic (albeit lighter than resin), screw-on cap (tight fit…that’s a good sign), and the ink converter mechanism (w/o floating ball), appears to move smoothly. The nib (M), is a steel affair with almost expert fine detail work in copying the classic ‘4810’ 14K MB logo & motif on the nib (nice).
Sadly, when screwing on the cap to the end of the threads...the 'clip' does not line-up evenly with center of the nib (their R & D section should have fixed this fault). So, that means possibly writing with the cap not screwed on. But that's OK because I like holding on to the cap while writing and I believe my writing has improved (well my cursive is still chicken scratch )!
The grip section is slightly off-color (black) and the bottom two (2), threads (to screw the cap on), are not black in color, but grayish. However, this pen has an excellent floating (I’m impressed), MB Star, but this one is smaller than the ‘real McCoy’ and sadly slightly off-center (lower), but this is not bad in itself and by the way…it does not fit ‘standard international cartridges’.
:syn: Upon filling (I used the enclosed converter [again I'm impressed with the attention to detail in the distinctive MB detailed engraving just under the 1in screw knob]), with blue-black Noodler's Ellis Island Ink, (I received as a PIF from member ‘dgreene120’ a.k.a., David…thanx my friend), the converter system worked smoothly and fully ‘suctioned’ the ink into the reservoir (after filling & emptying...bleeding off a few drops of ink after filling in order to "prime" the feed and expel air bubbles). I then gently wiped the nib dry with a damp tissue paper (TP), and proceeded to Write On!
Starting with standard printing paper, the ink flow is smooth (not too wet and not too dry), with no skips in the nib. Even when applying slight pressure to write symbols, this pen writes simply very well. It writes easily with little to no feedback. The medium nib fairly well kept up with everything I wrote… fast, slow, starts, and stops…it seems to not have any issues.
Finally, I can say that this is a smooth flowing pen, The feed is smooth (i.e., I could just write , but did have to re-center the nib to align the ‘sweet spot’), keeps up with any amount or speed of writing I threw at it...even with writing symbols and so, thus far…writes extremely well (who knows...only time will tell). :001_rolle
“None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain pen or half it's ['pensations']; but we can try". Mark Twain
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