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My Parker Black Badger Shaving Brush Review

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Price: Rating 6
Moderate price for $25.88 for the Brush w/ free shipping and ‘stand’ from their Website (http://www.amazon.com/Parker-Safety-Razor-Bristle-Shaving/dp/B002ET10S6)

Quality: Rating 8
Keeping in mind it's a Pure Black Badger Hair Brush…it is altogether a very well made brush. The dark ‘tan’ / black knot is tight, dense with ‘coarse’ moderately fine hairs. The Mock Ivory handle is also well made, but, the cheaply applied ‘Parker’ stamp that has already worn-off (just use alcohol…once…trust me). But hey…it does not in any way detract away from effectiveness.

Density: Rating 8
Again, the dark ‘tan’ / black knot is (in my opinion), tight, ‘coarse’ with moderately fine and dense hair and it hasn't shed many hairs in many months of use thus far.

Stiffness of Tips: Rating 7
These tips are ‘supple’ to the touch and the large, developed ’bloom’ neatly resembles a beautiful ‘bulb’ shape which was trimmed by Parker to form the final shape of the brush loft. Compared to my Caswell-Massey (C-M), Pure Badger Brush, which has quite soft tips, the Parker is in a class by itself. ‘Stiff’ might be too strong a word, but I would classify the Parker as ‘firm’ but ‘flexible’…a pure ‘joy’ to run one’s hand through the ‘bloom’. Also, because this Brush is Black Badger (the least expensive of badger types), it gives a ‘springier’, ‘scratchier’ and ‘exfoliating’ sensation on my face which I find quite pleasing and look forward to every morning.

Softness of Tips: Rating 6
The bristles are ‘dark tan / black’, ‘coarse’ with moderately fine and quite bushy hair. The knot is made (in my opinion), to keep this Brush from being ‘soft’. With all things being ‘equal, the Parker is so much ‘firmer’ ‘and ‘springier’ than my C-M Brush.

Ergonomic: Rating 8
This Med Brush has a good sized ‘medium’ loft knot and looks even better ‘in bloom’. The Mock Ivory handle on this Brush is a ‘solid-just-the-right-size’ in view of my carpal tunnel disability in both wrists, I’ve noticed that certain brushes (and razors for that matter), are not very comfortable in my hands, but this brush is a 'dream' to use, the handle is well made and easy to hold, has good heft and I feel very 'pampered' :laugh: every time I lather-up.

Total length of handle and knot : 4 ¼ in

Latherability: Rating 9
OMG…:laugh: this Brush really generates a lot of lather. The courser texture of this Brush I find also makes it very useful for lathering shaving soap (I use Chelsea’s [artisan], Unscented Shave Soap), because of its ability to ‘work up’ the surface of the soap very easily. I believe this ‘action’ of this Brush removes my dead skin cells prior to shaving and it is particularly adept at lifting any embedded whiskers that can cause ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Water retention of this Brush ‘is-what-it-is’ for a Black Badger and with just about (give-or-take-a-few), ten (10), ‘whips’ around in my Robert Becker Med Scuttle, this Brush produced a rich and dense 'stiff peak' lather even though I would categorize this brush as ‘firm’, but, wow, :w00t: what a feeling on my face .

In closing, I really 'like' my Parker Black Badger :001_cool: and although I have owned this Brush for many months and that even the hair has slightly ‘soften’, however, I believe it may never be as soft on my face as higher grades of badger hair and in my opinion...it is the best Black Badger Brush for your money.

Christopher :badger:

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I've had this brush for a couple weeks now. Up to this point the experience has been fantastic. The reviews I read for the brush were mostly positive and I haven't been disappointed.

First off, the brush appears to be well made. The brush has a fairly solid feel and the knot is glued in well. I have lost about a 5-10 hairs. None of these have been in the last couple of shaves so I think the hair loss was just in the initial break in period. The knot is a nice density and it has bloomed nicely. I really like the ergonomics of the brush and it feels the right size in my hand. I have a few brushes that feel a little too small and some that are too big. I would say this one feels the perfect size out of all my brushes. The loft is just the right length so that it's not floppy. It maintains a decent stiffness so that you can really work your beard into shape before you attack it with a blade.

The best thing I like about this brush is the scrubbiness of the tips. They are actually a bit scratchy. This is what I like in a brush. My beard is heavy and I have found the smoothness of my shave is directly proportional to the scrubbiness of my brush. This brush has delivered one great shave after another, close and smooth. It really preps my beard. I've had less weepers with this brush than the last brush I was using. Also, no shaving bumps since the brush hairs really exfoliate and pull the whiskers out so they are cut above the skin.

The lather created by the brush is top notch. It produces a rich and creamy lather and is big enough to hold enough lather for multiple passes. The price is good for what you get, but there are many comparable brushes for around the same price so by no means would I say this is the most affordable brush out there.

Overall, great exfoliation and rich, creamy lather equals close smooth shaves with no nicks or bumps. I couldn't be happier with this brush and I could honestly see using this brush as my only one from here on out.
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Softness of Tips
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