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1.1 mm Stub nib from Goulet Pens

#6 Goulet Pens replacement nib in 1.1mm Stub

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I picked up a new pen that a #6 Bosch nib/feed, so thought "Hey, I'll grab a space 1.1mm Stub nib as well to play with in it..". Going through my other pens, I realized I had one already using a #6 Bosch nib/feed, so instead of dropping the nib into the new pen, swapped it out into that one instead to play around with. Tested with a J. Herbin Violette Pensee ink I had a sample of laying around I hadn't used yet.

Swapping the nib in was pretty straightforward. Plenty of video tutorial's out there on that, so I won't go into that part. I will note that those nibs and feeds have a decent bit of play in them where the nib moves around left/right on the feed more than I'd prefer, so it comes out of alignment a bit pretty easily. I noticed that on them even with the original factory nib installed by the factory into the feed unit. Doesn't seem to affect the over all writing of the pens, though.

The nib started out feeling a bit scratchier than I expected, but has smoothed out a hair after a bit of writing with it. Those that are more into tinkering with this sort of thing would I am sure suggest a bit of micro mesh polishing on it to smooth it out even more. It writes on the dry side, not sure what sort of adjustment can be made in the nib seating to make it a bit wetter, but it's not so dry that it causes any breaks or issues.

While I write too small in general for that large of a stub nib to be a daily driver nib for me, I can easily see using it for post cards, bday/holiday cards, short notes and such where I can intentionally write larger and see the nice line variation it gives. Over all a nice nib to play around with and to have the option of using when it's called for.
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