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Dab-On Nick Relief

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Clubman Dab-On Nick Relief

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Pros: Convenience, practicality and it's in liquid form!!!
Cons: None
Price: Rating – 10
I couldn’t pass up the price ($3.10US at my local Walgreens for one tube of ¼ oz liquid).

Quality: Rating – 10
Very well made container w/ screw-on cap.

Performance: Rating – 10
Easy to use, mild stinging and stops the bleeding (weepers & nicks), cold without all the mess of using a styptic pencil and is designed to maintain hygiene (just rinse applicator head with warm water after each use). ..couldn’t get much better than that.

Usefulness: Rating – 10
Shake Nick Relief and apply gently to area. The sponge ensures that you apply it on the right spot. What can I say, besides it's the best thing since 'sliced bread' and it’s great for travel too.

Durability: Rating – 10
I find that styptic pencils tend to break apart and always leaves a flakey white 'film' on my face. I feel Clubman's Dab-On Nick Relief fits the bill for simplicity, performance and value.

Packaging: Rating – 10
First Class packaging...well done!!!

Overall Impression: I am very impressed with the convenience and practicality of Clubman's Dab-On Nick Relief. :thumbsup:

"Don't worry about the nicks and pick up your life...forget all the bad things, the pain and the strife". Author Unknown
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