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I received this vintage cologne as a 'gift' (from member and Hobbyist 'bmharold' a.k.a. Brandon), and was impressed with this fragrance so much...I'm gonna post a review.

I also understand that these vintage bottles may be the last of this product on earth, so one should not get too attached to the scent.

Brandon states the barcode dates it to at least between 1974 - 1983.

From Clubman, I received a e-mail stating;

"Clubman has been around for the better part of last century and sold in a variety of venues. Our brand manager thinks the product you have may be from the 1950s or 60s, before we acquired the brand.

There are most likely a lot of packages and products out there that were sold for brief periods of time which we have no history of, but that does not mean they are not authentic products".

So, in essence this is the real deal! :thumbsup:

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Pros: A refreshing vintage cologne! :-)
Cons: Sadly, not longer in production. :-(
Price: $26 including shipping.
Quality: Excellent quality (imprinted ‘Clubman’…not a cheap label), glass bottle (3½oz size) for a vintage cologne of its age.
Packaging: In great (love the pink color), condition for a box of its age.
Scent: In my opinion, this cologne sits on ‘classy’ top notes of soft florals and a bit of sweet citrus (grapefruit perhaps?) notes and base notes of earthen moss & spice (I believe saffron).
Complexity: Two-dimensional. :thumbup1:
Staying Power: Above average longevity (i.e., around 5-6hrs for most situations (stress or no-stress).
Quality of Atomizer: Tight screw-on plastic top.
On first smell (and on tester paper), and after a dab on both wrists (pressure points),...wow...a vintage cologne with character...from top to base notes. One word comes to mind...'Precious'.
This scent is a bit ‘baffling’, but from my unschooled (and probably undeveloped), sense of smell, this scent is also quite alluring. Almost just like the original, but with more soft floral notes. Stronger (but not overpowering and/or 'heavy'), with much more oils which should last long on the body.
Although the ingredients on the box are;
SD Alchohol 40, Water, Fragrance, FDC Yellow No 5, DC Red No. 33, DC Green No. 5
they must have left out some secret ingredients to confound rival colognists and/or perfumists…akin to ‘playing it close to the vest’. In my humble opinion, this cologne sits on ‘classy’ top notes of soft florals, heart notes of sweet citrus (grapefruit perhaps?), and spice (I believe saffron), and base notes of earthen moss. Because of this, I believe this cologne has its share of complexity…so I rate it as two-dimensional (which is a good thing :wink2:).
After a week of wearing this cologne (subtle applications to my neck, chest and arms/wrists and behind the ears & also a 'touch' on the earlobes [pulse points]), I've found this cologne slowly calms (dries), down and settles into a nice clean, 'soft' and masculine scent.
This cologne states it’s concentrated and yes, a little goes a long, long way and best of all it 'lingers' through most (on me…around 5-6hrs…your results will vary due to body chemistry [and pheromone levels?]) of the day. :thumbsup:
By the way, the Mrs. has made good comments about this scent long (although she did come a little close to me for a ‘whiff’), after I can’t sense this fragrance!
In closing and again in my opinion, although not ‘high-end’, this is a very good cologne and a collectors item ('Precious'), for sure! :smile1:
:velva2: "Hard work is the eau de cologne of accomplishment". Author Unknown
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