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Silver Bayou Rum

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"Silver Bayou Rum is proofed with triple filtered fresh water delivering the cleanest and purest taste possible.
Following our authentic “sugar house” recipe, we gather raw unrefined cane sugar and molasses from M.A. Patout & Sons Enterprise Factory in Patoutville - all pressed from fresh sugarcane harvested from Louisiana fields".
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Pros: A Louisiana tradition and culture!
Cons: May not be available outside Louisiana.
This rum is made on-site (in Lacassine), in traditional copper pot still using 100% natural unrefined Louisiana cane sugar and molasses, following their authentic “sugar house” recipe. Did you know Louisiana is the second largest producer of sugar cane in the United States?
Price: $23.00 for a 5th bottle and I really liked the price. :ihih:
Quality: I opened the bottle and took a sniff… nice smell of vanilla and a touch of pepper which was appealing.
Value: Clear hue and has depth and balance. Don’t know when they will release a ‘aged’ rum (no definite date has been set by the company), but it is 80 Proof / 40% ABV.
Flavor: The finish on this rum was ‘medium’, and smooth with a nice lingering heat. This rum is sweet and crisp. (very good on the ‘rocks’ and in cocktails).
Aroma: Vanilla, and a hint of pepper.
Packaging: Awesome and unique bottle…you won’t have any problem looking for this rum the next time you're in a liquor store.
To sum up, although not a 'high-end' rum, it is a very good spirit just the same. :thumbsup:
:a54: "Bayou Rum: The Spirit of Louisiana...the new gold standard happens to be silver”! Bayou Rum Ad
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