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Omega Pure Badger Brush 638

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This brush was an unexpected surprise, as when I purchased it from ebay, I thought it was a Boar brush. I was brand new to wet shaving then and just thought I had a very good brush. Eventually I got a EJ Best Badger and still kept using the Omega in the rotation. I just kept thinking what a very good brush it was, until one night I'm poking around on the Omega site and find out it is a Badger brush! The light bulb came on as why I like it so much! This brush is a great value. It has a nice feel, very soft but firm enough to face lather. holds a ton of water and will make great lather with anything, even William's! I have large hands and the handle is very comfortable and heavy. This is a solid brush that does not shed, with a very well balanced feel. If I had to start over tomorrow with all new shaving equipment and could only have one brush, this is the one I would have [sorry EJ].

It has "Pura Setola" on the handle, if that helps.

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Setola is Italian for 'bristle." Pura Setola = Pure Bristle.
I believe that "Pura Setola" means pure bristle. In other words, this is a review of an Omega boar brush. Pura Tasso would refer to badger.
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On this page the brush is presented as a finest silvertip. What is going on ? Please can someone verify first hand from experience comparing this one to other silvertips, that this brush really is, or is not silvertip.

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