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Your best Easy AND Efficient razor?

And the winner is :

For me the Overlander is more efficient than Rockwell R4 (I have not the R5 and R6...), on par with Nodachi/Massamune SB combinations, less efficient than Nodachi and Blackbird Ti (which is really the most efficient for me and yet smooth but I have to pay attention).
But the Overlander is really smooth (much more than R4), you forget the shave immediatly, and this in auto-pilot mode :thumbup:

Waiting for my Athena ;)
Q-Shave Silver Bullet

Purchased 3.80 euros on Aliexpress directly from the Qshave store.

The blade is perfectly aligned and the plating is good.

It's perfectly balanced between mild and aggressive, he shaves my head and my beard like a dream.

Capture Qshave.JPG

I recently got a carbon with the .68 original plate. I am a week into using it and absolutely love it. It is a smooth shaver and very efficient. It is my daily driver and I have used Kai and polsilver blades this far.
A Henson ++, and Henson +++ are auto pilot razors for me,,I've never got any irration or have been bitten by them..there just mindless BBS shaves every single time.. The Rockwell 6s, 6c is an autopilot razor as well, at least most of the plates..
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Probably forgetting some and there are much more:

Rockwell 6S
Karve B/Overlander
ATT Windsor Pro SB90
Parker Variant
Leaf Twig
GreenCult 1.1
Focus Dynamic
FaTip Slant closed comb
TGFS Valynor
Wolfman Guerrilla 2017
Dorco PL602
Timeless ALSB45
iKon 102
The General Brass
Schick Krona
Muhle Companion
Standard Razors
Rex Envoy
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