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Your best Easy AND Efficient razor?


My exploding razor knows secrets
Love the look of the Olaf Rasmussen prep. Wish I would find one, someday..
Some WWII-era German razors have similar hexagonal handles with a functional style appearance, and they are also easier to find.
Maybe it can temporarily fill an emotional need.
Yates 921-H - For me this razor hits the "sweet spot" convergence of comfortable and very efficient, and works at an angle that I find to be extremely intuitive.

The Yates Merica is a slight step down in efficiency while still being very easy to use.
I'm curious about what razors the Forum will list,
as their best "Easy AND Efficient" razor.

What do I mean by that?
Its a razor that *never* bites, never causes irritation, you can use on "auto-pilot", and get a very close shave, nearly every time.

Two in my collection fit the bill:
Lambda Athena
Blutt BR-1 1.20

With the win going to the Blutt - only because I get *slightly* closer shaves with it.

What is your favorite?

(Note: this is not a "what's your smoothest razor" thread.
LOTS of very mild razors are "smooth", but are you getting a BBS shave in 2-3 passes, with no extra buffing, touch-ups, etc?)

My Razors that don't meet this criteria:
Yates Brass H OC
Wolf SS WR1 .74 OC
Wolf SS WR2 1.15 SB
Blackland SS Blackbird SB

All of the above are *excellent* razors, but none is an "auto-pilot" tool, and each will bite (or produce weepers) if you don't "respect the process" (to use a current Gillette commercial credo. LOL)
Easy to use, no nicks: EJ 3one6 or Muhle Rocca R94. A bit more care required: GameChanger 0.84SB.
Rocnel says that model is not suitable for beginners. I would assume that it is not a mild razor.
Rocnel Elite 2022 has not significant blade feel but it is not neither mild razor(it is efficient) nor a beginner razor.

"Efficient Razor" and "Beginner Razor" are two different worlds :cuppa:
Razorock Mamba .70 with Derby Premium blades gives me the best head and face shaves with no irritations or cuts, but YMMV.
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