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Your best Easy AND Efficient razor?

1) Parker Variant. A gentle and efficient shaver that can be dialed to just the desired level of aggression. Especially the OC version which is very efficient even at low setting.

2) Baili BD176 or TTO (179). The first is very mild, a tad more aggressive than a postwar Tech that I have. The TTO is just a little more aggressive but the difference is negligible.

3) A lot of people recommend post-war Techs but the one I have is so mild, I’m afraid it’s not going to teach a new user a proper technique as it’s too forgiving.
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Different Faces, Different Cases.
Everyone should define what Efficiency really means to them
Or even the same with Easy (also personal) , sure kind of get that sorta, easy to use for you, maybe light brain activity required.
Have mastered that tool (difficult) & it is just mapped into your process.
For me, it is very important to understand & track the stubble regrowth rate.
Plus the enjoyment of using that tool.

Think about it and have fun,



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If I have to only pick 1. Gillette Tech.

I'm pretty much on autopilot with the Merkur 38c.
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