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Your best Easy AND Efficient razor?

The "Above The Tie" Windsor SB90. I get a perfect shave every time.

ATT Windsor Pro2.JPG
"Simplex" military razor. Over the years from a pack of 40+ razor's this one is it. Not the best looking. All plastic except for the cap. A plan Jane. I have plenty of Gilette's best. But. This baby so unbelievably smooth and efficient. A WWII fox hole special. They got this one right.
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Timeless Aluminum − geometry and light weight make it easy to use, positive 0.05 mm blade exposure makes it efficient.

Tatara Masamune OC − light for a stainless razor but just about enough to feel its weight combined with negative 0.10 mm blade exposure and 0.73 blade gap
My best safety razor ever is the G&F/Timor gentle shaver. I also had Lupo (DC et 0.95) in 2023, which were also excellent in terms of softness and effectiveness, which I recently sold to allow me to acquire an alpha shaving outlaw evolution.
Have you ever tried any vintage razors? Sometimes those classics surprise you with their performance and can be a nice addition to a collection.
Vintage razors, crafted before the '80s by brands like Gillette and Schick, are prized for their quality and unique designs. Made from durable materials, these razors often feature adjustable settings for a personalized shaving experience. Popular among collectors, vintage razors, available in safety, single-edge, and straight razor types, offer a sustainable option with standard double-edge blades. Maintenance, like cleaning and polishing, may be required, but exploring these razors through online forums or antique shops can be rewarding for wet shaving enthusiasts.

Electric razors provide quick, safe, and convenient shaving. Their user-friendly design minimizes the risk of cuts, ideal for those with a hectic schedule. Cordless and portable, they offer on-the-go grooming. With adjustable settings and precision trimming, electric razors cater to individual preferences. The time-saving and versatile features make them a popular choice.
What's your stance on electric razors?
Truthfully, probably the R41 with a Rapira Platinum Lux, Voskhod, or Lord blade loaded. Rarely a nick, cut or irritation, and makes for a quick and super close shave in 2-passes.

Runner up is the Rex Ambassador, followed by the Timeless 95OC. - More prone to an occasional weeper with the Rex, or tiny nick/weeper with the Timeless, depending upon the blade. The R41 is an automatic shave, especially with multiple days growth. The R41 ever so slightly edges out the Rex in efficiency or closeness of shave at the same time.

FWIW, the Rockwell 6S R6 give a nice shave, but takes more strokes of the razor to get to BBS, so not quite as efficient, but is an easy shave.
in response to electric razors, the few times I’ve used them, I wouldn’t get a smooth finish, and I would always get ingrown hairs.

Now this good be due to lack of experience, bad technique, perhaps other reasons as well, but I never had the fulfilling results I get with a DE razor.

My father God rest his soul introduced me to DEs and taught me how to use it when I was 16, a little over 2 decades ago, because both cartridges and electric razors would leave me with terrible irritation and I haven’t looked back since.

Full disclosure, I am sure electric razors have well evolved over the last 2 decades, but I am rather certain that the fundamentals of it hasn’t changed.

So in short, electric razors are a big NO for me

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I guess I’m not quite sure what you mean by respect the process. Why would I want to deviate from a sound process? None of my top razors are inclined to bite. I’m not into aggressive razors. All of them are intuitive and easy to use. That does include the two you mentioned: the Blutt BR-1 1.2 and the Athena.

I can say the same for the Wolfman 0.95, the Rocnel Elite, the ATT X1 and S1, the La Faulx, the Timeless Ti 0.68OC and the PAA Filament. I think the Timeless bronze 0.38 is there but I need more shaves with it to confirm its place.

As you can see, all my Top Razors are in the mild to medium range and have excellent efficiency. They all bring a smile to my face after and often, during my shaves. If you like the mild to medium range, I would guess any of them would work for you, though even then, YMMV, of course.

I've not tried all the razors you mention, but I've tried a good many of them. Are we twins, Kim?

Happy shaves,



I shaved a fortune
I've not tried all the razors you mention, but I've tried a good many of them. Are we twins, Kim?

Happy shaves,

I bought the Bayonetta because it has been working so well for you and even after one half shave with it, I can tell it’s a keeper. I had zero learning curve and that side of my face, the harder to shave left side, stayed smooth for over 12 hours.
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