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    The NBCF auction is now open!

Win a Simpson brush and more in the Shavetools.com Birthday Sale.

I'm in! Great PIF and a great way to introduce yourself to those of us that have not been to your web-site yet. You really have a well balanced assortment of products.

I need to get another tub of TOBS cream..........

Great Site! I definitely will need to order in the future. I will be looking at getting the Extra Wide Chrome Plated Razor and Brush Stand.
Awesome site. I am picking up a standard apprentice starter kit for a friends birthday. I'll be sure to tell him where I got it.
As my wife would tell you....when I find a shop online that i like and has a large selection of the things that I am into, I'm not one to make a small purchase. I'll go all in and buy a few things that I've had my eye one. So to answer the question within the contest, I'd be purchasing a Merkur Vision DE razor, an Ikon open comp Bulldog DE, a Simpson Duke Brush with some Dreadnought Shave Cream (that I've heard such good things about) and their pre shave oil, and I'd end my shopping trip with some Captains Choice Bay Rum aftershave. All this talk is making me want to shave! i'd also have it gift wrapped and have the card addressed to ME from my WIFE. She's such a good girl...always know's what I want.:thumbup:
This thread was my first exposure to your site, and it looks like you've got a lot of great stuff. I'm definitely interested in getting the Tabac afterhsave balm and the Simpsons Wee Scott Brush.
I haven't bought anything from shavetools.com, but here's what I want:

1. Kilo brick of Cella - on my second red tub so I'd might as well bite the bullet and get the better one
2. Captain's Choice Aftershave (Bay Rum or Lime...aaaah who am i joking BOTH!)
3. Vie Long 14833Semogue 620

Thank you for the contest!
I'd like to get a sample pack of Gillette Blues when you have them back in stock! Also, congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!
This is the first I've heard of shavetools! I've definitely bookmarked it for future use. I will check there next time I'm in the market for any brushes or soaps!
Hello, I am new to traditional wet shaving. Friend of mine turned me on to it and I am enjoying it so far. Placed my first order through one of your competitors but, will give you guys a shot on my next order. BTW nice easy to navigate site with good selectionand prices.
Awesome contest and congratulations on making it two years. What would I buy? More like what wouldn't I buy. Here's to many more years of success!