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GIVEAWAY! UK PIF - razor, soaps, brushes, blades, aftershave - all you need for a great shave

Well here we are, seven years sober and abstinent from alcohol - an addiction that cost my dignity, self respect, car, job, partner, access to my child for five years, friends, up to £1000 per month, and my driving license for a 40 month ban; it almost cost my liberty, my home, my life, and the lives of others. I now have a life of happiness and love, not in spite of my sobriety but because of it. Plus, it is the 20th birthday of my daughter who is happy and thriving at University studying medicine; I am truly blessed and grateful every single day.

So, a celebration shave today with some of my favourite things:

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I almost forgot - we have a winner of the PIF! The random draw has selected @Kaldane - in accordance with his wishes I invite @Dave himself to contact me by PM with a delivery address, including postcode and I will post the box as soon as I get to the post office. Thank you to everyone who took part and I will offer another PIF later in the year. Best wishes to you all, Richard
Inspiring story, thank you for sharing.
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