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GIVEAWAY! UK PIF - razor, soaps, brushes, blades, aftershave - all you need for a great shave

For your consideration I offer the following modest PIF - all you see in the images below will be sent to you free of charge if you are the lucky winner - I will pay the postage. Because this PIF includes aftershave it is limited to being delivered only to a UK address.

You will receive:
  • A 200ml boxed glass bottle of Williams Aqua Velva, about two thirds full. This is the version produced in Spain and I am not sure if it is still available in this format.
  • An unused boxed Proraso green shave soap in a bowl.
  • An unused but opened Lea shave stick.
  • 50 Wilkinson Sword DE blades.
  • An unused vintage boxed Sabre boar brush.
  • A lightly used Vie-Long horse hair brush.
  • A 4 piece Merkur open comb travel razor in a silver coloured metal case with blue velvet lining. The razor is in very nice condition with light wear to the powder coated handle and some plate loss to the case exterior. This razor has not been available in the metal case for a few years now nor with the powder coated handle, and is identical to my Hoffritz travel set, apart from the engraved name on the razor and case. It is a great shaver and will accept a standard full sized handle if you prefer to use it that way.
I will select a winner at random on March 26th as this is a date of personal celebration for me. Firstly it is my daughter's birthday, but also the anniversary the day I chose freedom from alcohol - this year will be seven years of abstinent sobriety and I am thankful for it every single day.

So, how can you get your hands on this kit? Just reply to this thread saying you are in; if you have a story of freedom then I would love to hear it but it is not compulsory.

Don't forget, you must have a UK postal address to win this PIF - now, who is in?



Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
Brother's thank you so much for your kind words but there's a problem. I'm nothing special on my own I'm as weak as a kitten and I deserve this PIF no more than the rest of us. But my God who saved me from from a life of lying and stealing deserves all the glory. Thank you once again for your kind words.
What a great story and way to celebrate @EclipseRedRing! I applaud you for curbing your addiction!

Very respectfully not in as I am just across the pond from you - I will be in London soon, but that doesn’t count!

And @Dave himself - just for that avatar this PIF has your name on it! Kudos to you as well to have fought off 19 years!

Testament to what is happening at B&B if you let it: love and companionship!!


Great PIF and respectfully not in.

Finding this glorious hobby was pivotal in giving up my first addiction; tobacco. I replaced my morning cigarette with the ritual of a shave. 6 plus years down the line, I've still not touched a cigarette. I probably spent more on shaving soaps/razors etc than I would have on cigarettes though!

Around a 15 months ago, I had to stop drinking alcohol down to medical reasons (acid reflux). It took a while to work it out but I was definitely an alcoholic. The pattern of denial is one I was all too familiar with. Only by being honest with myself was I able to be free of my addiction.

I've found the brotherhood of wet shavers to be a great support throughout this time, especially for a few hairy moments I've had along the way.

@EclipseRedRing and @Dave himself thanks for your honesty. It's the only way to not just save ourselves, but others too. Our words of honesty carry greater resonance in support of each other, than they would just on their own. It's breaking the stigmas of addiction, especially in the UK where drinking seems to be ingrained in our landscape, our culture. Like with addiction individually you take things one day at a time. For the cultural landscape for addiction, it's changing by each of our stories, one at a time.

Little by little, things change.

For the better, always for the better.

Sorry if I rambled on, I wish you gents the very best.
Awesome PIF and although I'm in the UK, respectfully not in.

Congratulations to everyone who has posted about overcoming their addiction - it's tough although I can't imagine what @Dave himself went through.

I managed to finally stop smoking nearly 18 years ago - I was a heavy smoker and had smoked for something approaching 20 years. I tried a few times and failed - cold turkey, patches, hypnotherapy - nothing worked. Eventually it took 2 years of NRT to get me off. I haven't touched anything since and I know I'm a lot better for it.

Thanks to @EclipseRedRing for such a generous PIF and happy anniversary on the 26th!
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