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Win a Free Tube of Proraso Sandalwood!

+1 I've only ever used soaps but do have Proraso aftershave splash. I really like it and would love to try their shaving cream. I've also never tried anything Sandalwood. So why not start here. :wink2:

+1 I have the old formulation Proraso (CO Bigelow style) and I like it, and I have a sample of TOBs sandalwood that smells great (I know there are some discrepancies between TOBs and others but this isn't the place for that discussion) so hopefully this will mesh these two a little closer together. Not to mention Proraso is one of those old school creams and isn't that part of what this hobby is about?


Thanks to every one who participated. Since there was such a good response to the contest, I'm giving a prize to the second and third place winners, as well.

The top three were:
#24 Jspot (You win the Sandalwood Cream. Grats!)
#41 Mikej7193 (You win a $10.00 Gift Certificate to Shavetools.com)
#10 Scot0079 (You win a $10.00 Gift Certificate to Shavetools.com, too!)

Just send me a PM here or an email me at [email protected] and I will send you your prizes.
+1 Proraso, in Sandalwood, WOW, Sign me up. Pizza and beer, Laura Pausini and now Proraso in Sandalwood. What will those Italians think of next?

Very Respectfully



It ended almost 2 weeks ago, I'm afraid. I may run another in a week or so, though. I really enjoy running them.