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Win a Free Tube of Proraso Sandalwood!

Oh, the contest ended? You may want to update the 1st post. I just figured all the pages were people's entries. Anyway, it was cool to see a shaving store I hadn't seen yet.
Just wanted to post a follow up, I received my sandalwood a few days ago, much quicker then I imagined. Ive gotta give a big :thumbup: for Sargon for this contest, there was great communication and extremely fast shipping!!! Def will be looking into shavetools.com for more products after this great experience. Ive only shaved with the proraso sandalwood once so far and got to say it did not disappoint, was unsure of the scent at first but it grew on me throughout the day as the scent lasted much longer then most creams. Def will be keeping this cream in my rotation.
Just bought Proraso pre/poat shave cream with aloe abd absolutely love it. My shave have improved since using it and would like to use the Sandlewood and write a review on it. Thank you for the oppertunity to win. Good luck to everyone and God Bless!
I love the c.o. bigolow menthal and i've heard the proraso is the same formula. sandalwood would be a needed change in my routine!