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GIVEAWAY! Shulton Old Spice PIF

I’m in. This was my first aftershave around 1972. Like most kids, it wasn’t fancy enough for me and I switched to English Leather (I believe the lady who stated all her men wear English Leather or they wear nothing at all was more compelling to the teenage me than the sailor flipping a bottle of OS). In hindsight I should have stayed wit the OS (and held on to my OS mug).

I have to say I don't blame you 😆
You're on the list. Good luck!!

I’m in I have never tried this stuff, but old spice was a staple for my grand father.
You're on the list. Good luck!!

I'm in. Awesome PIF.
You're on the list. Good luck!!

I have the lighthouse decanter and, oddly, just used it this morning.
I have 3 lighthouses! Wear it in good health sir!

I’m in! Excited to have an opportunity to try this iconic stuff that I have heard so much about. Thank you for this most generous PIF!!
You're on the list. Good luck!!

Not in but what a great PIF!
I've got a nearly full one from my Gpa on my dad's side, and a few of those old Avon car bottle colognes.
They had some really cool stuff back in the 60's and 70's.
Everything seems to be better and better the farther back we go. I've got so many too many Avon bottles. It's a problem.

I'm in. I haven't used this since I was a teenager. Thanks for the opportunity!
You're on the list. Good luck!!

That is incredibly generous. I am in!!
You're on the list. Good luck!!

Respectfully not in, but a very thoughtful, generous offer, Breen. Good on you, sir.
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I'm in. Recalls both my Dad and his Dad.
You're on the list. Good luck!!

Shulton Old Spice was my Dad's favorite aftershave.

I'm in. :)
You're on the list. Good luck!!

I'm in. Haven't used a drop of Old Spice in my life. Always stayed away since everyone says the current stuff pales in comparison to the vintage.
You're on the list. Good luck!!
Sure, I am In..It will go to my 95 year young dad....
Thanks Breen ..very appriecate of the chance....and generosity

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That picture looks so familiar!

You're Pops is on the list. Good luck!!
Should I be the lucky winner, I would like to have this go to @ButterfaceX ‘s 95 year young dad.
That's what I'm talkin' about!!
There's that B&B brotherhood that inspired this PIF.

Well done sir, and noted.
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My current rotation of Shulton greatness as of right now.

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If I use this up before I die, I will dig more out of the storage closet. :)
Great selection on deck! I love seeing so much all collected together!! Enjoy!

Here is some pics of him ....way back and up..not current thou...he also got a Bronze metal when he was in the Korean war..
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Stone cold bad *** if you ask me. His looks like a life well-lived!!

Not in (not in conus).

My pop was an Old Spice man. Poor guy got some kind of Old Spice product every Father’s Day, birthday, and Christmas.

I didn’t realize I had so much OS stuff until I gathered them for this pic.

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Very nice collection! The logos are so clear and dark on those Hull mugs!! Lookin' good, thanks for sharing the photo!

Respectfully not in as I have plenty of Shulton!
Copy that. Wear it in good health!
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