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  • My wife and her ex husband used to go clamming up that way. How's your shaving going? I just posted a couple about my brush shedding. I don't think it's insurmountable but just an annoyance. I suspect it should end soon as I've only had the brush, Omega Silvertip 618, for a bit over a month.

    I'm actually a New Yorker but my wife is from Rhode Island so I kind of split the difference and said New England. She is from North Providence and her mom is from Narragansett. We do spend a lot of time visiting them at the holidays and such.
    Never been around New England (1 week in Boston on business doesn't really count.) Used to have a sister up in Toronto. Was able to visit a few times before she moved to Texas. That was back when the US dollar meant something.

    Those Vino's are cute bikes. Most of the scooters around here are in the downtown or very near downtown areas. Most suburban areas have stretches were the speeds are more cycle: 60mph and on up. I don't like going over 50 and I think my LX prefers 45. Had a good backwind last week and hit 65 before I knew it. Too fast for something with wheels the size of a large pizza. There are some scooter communities on the internet. Modern Vespa is mainly for the twist and go bikes like mine (no shifting.) EPSP is an anyone welcome with anything forum.
    Take care man.
    Didn't see your message here when I posted on the travel kit thread. Thanks for the welcome. I picked up a 2007 Vespa lx150 from Craigs List last year as gas prices began to climb. Love it. There is an avid scooter community growing in Columbus Ohio. I live 15 miles away in a burb called Canal Winchester. Have a busy job and couple kids so don't ride much for just pleasure. But do drive it for my work commute of about 25miles round trip. Still an oddity on Ohio roads. Lots of honks and little kids waving. There are lots of good scooters out there and better commuters than my little Italian but I just love the design and spirit of the Vespa.
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