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Greetings from Tokyo! I just started DE wet shaving about 2 weeks agom and since I read quite a few threads and reviews from Badger & Blade, I might as well join the community officially.
I previously used a series of electric shavers (Braun Series 9 currently), as well as disposable razors like Gillette's 3 bladed ones. I don't get razor burns and bad nicks, but DE wet shaving was a whole new world I've never tried, and so far I'm loving it! Now I'm actually excited to get a daily shave, when I previously considered it a chore. I'll still hold on to my Braun 9 since it was a birthday gift, and I still need it when I'm in a rush or travelling.
I currently have a Merkur 23C that came with a leather travel case and 10 Merkur blades for a pretty good deal here in Japan (less than 45USD), set of Proraso pre-shave, shaving cream, aftershave balm, mug, and a synthetic Golddachs brush. I got a few blades to test them out other than the Merkur ones I got (Astra Green, Wilkinson Sword Classic, and Bic Chrome Platinum).
People here might recommend Feather blades soon since I heard they are excellent and are made here, but I'll try to learn the shaving techniques first to try out advanced gears.

Hope to get involved more soon,


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Welcome to B&B!

On the Aftershave subject, I loved the MG5 aftershave. I believe that the production moved to Vietnam and it's not the same anymore. Mandom is another one but it can be difficult to find at a reasonnable price outside Japan.
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