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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

Made a café at lait with some new coffee fresh from Costa Rica! Some friends were vacationing there and picked this as their favorite out of all they tried. It was very smooth and flavorful even in my autodrip


Sweet Maria's Guatemala Antigua Finca Retana I roasted on the 27th.

Brewed in the Kalita Wave directly into a preheated carafe.

Nice bean. Nice roast. GOOD coffee
Made a 2 cup bodum press of the Guat. for this evenings joe......

NICE.... I should have bought a LOT more of this green....
Sweet Maria's Espresso Workshop #27 in the Pasquini as Americanos this morning.

A full (72 oz) bunn brew of........ grocery store blended stuff (4 different ones) to get me through the day (doing accounting for EOY taxes). Mud with milk is what I call it

I can say that the workshop #27 are some fine beans and the roast I did (dumped @ 400º) was spot on for this green.... Even SWMBO commented how good this mornings pulls were and that is unusual for her.
Starting to blend the tail ends of the different batches of SO beans and coming up with some remarkable cups. This morning it was a blend of a Burundi from Sweet Maria's (about half) and then the remaining half split between some Mysore Bold Nuggets (no jokes please. It's pronounced mee-sore) and a truly delicious Ethiopian Gedeo Worka from Klatch.

The Mysore beans I cannot bear on their own, but when blended, they really add something to the higher acid SO's.
Seeing everyone's interesting choices around here inspired me to branch out a bit. I'm still using my Keurig (for now), but I did pick up some nice whole beans, ground just a small amount this morning, and placed them in the reusable k-cup thingy (Brew & Save?). This was my first freshly ground cup of coffee in a while. Still need to work on getting the grind and amount right, but it was yummy!

Trader Joe's Italian Roast. Meh...

After drinking Pete's French Roast for a month or so, going back to the TJ's Italian Roast was a disappointment.
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