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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

This week I will be drinking Lavazza Crema e Gusto
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Was at work and decided to have some mystery coffee. Ever decide to do that to
1.Build character
2. Appreciate good coffee that you'll have later
3. Because your an adventurous type glutton for pain.

Yes, that was me. Tasted similar to burnt fish as it sat on the burner for the whole shift. I swear something hijacked my mind, body & hand as it reached for it. Burnt fish....yummy.


Fussy Evil Genius
Mmmm. I just finished off some Lampshade Medium Roast decaf, brewed with a French press.
Last night, I picked up a can of Maxwell House Morning Boost. This is medium roast ground coffee with added caffeine.

The taste was decent, definitely a step up from the Beaumont brand coffee that I was drinking the last few weeks.

They're not kidding about the added caffeine. I could feel it from the first sip, and by the time I finished my first cup at home I was rarin' to go. And I stayed wide awake all day sipping at the travel mug I take with me to work.

While I don't think this will become a regular in my kitchen, it will be nice to keep some on hand for those times when I need some extra kick to get me going.
Every morning I pull 2 double shots from my Expobar Office Lever Plus. After a couple years of bouncing around with espresso beans, I've settled in on Redbird Espresso for now. Very tasty! I also have some Redbird Brazil Moka Peaberry, which is pretty earthy, but very good. My daughters and I enjoy Tanzanian Peaberry, and Ethiopian Yhirgacheffe. These are available from a local roaster and we brew with a French press.

Starbucks Sumatra, aeropress, I bought on a whim this morning because I left my grinder at home again. I need to buy 2 of those things.
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