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What is it with Mitchell's Wool Fat?

Looking at the ingredients, this soap isn't too impresive by today's standards. The only thing that stood out for me is Lanolin which many other great soaps have as well, but for some reason, this soap helps me get the most wonderful shaves.

With that said, I still wish it didn't have those chemical sounding stuff in there, but I have tested it numerous times, I just get consistent awesome shaves with it unlike with other soaps I'm using.

Anyone has a theory?
No theory, but I agree with you. When I first joined several years ago. the Fat got rave reviews, but there was always the complaint that it was difficult to use. It just wouldn't lather without difficulty, so I never tried it. Recently, I decided to give it a try and I've had no difficulty even with out somewhat hard well water, and I get great shaves with it. It's moved to the top of my list.
Stearic acid, tallow, and maybe coconut oil, plus some cocoa or shea butter or lanolin, makes a wonderful soap. There are a lot of ways to the end result, but there is no reason to get fancy. Shaving soap has been around for a very long time, and the old fashioned recipes are usually as good as shaving gets. That is to say, Haslinger, MWF, Tabac, Arko, etc. Scents may not be to modern taste, but preformance is top notch.

I have been making my shaving soaps essentially unscented. No need for stinky stuff in my face before breakfast, eh? All that I want is a super slick soap that leaves my skin feeling good and gives me a great shave.
Never had a problem lathering MWF, but I always use a boar brush with it. I've moved on from badger; my Semogue works fat better than my Simpsons for every soap, including this one. In terms of slickness, cushion and post shave feel, MWF can't be beat at any pricepoint, and certainly not at it's very reasonable one. Alas, there are too many soaps out there to just use one . . .
I never had any problem lathering MWF either; it lathers easily with soft or hard water. I personally use it like I'd use a stick. I rub it around my face then face lather with a boar brush.
Yeah no trouble lathering here either. It's fantastic. Thanks gents for the input. I think the formula is really on point on this one.
There are good reasons why certain products are known as "classics". MWF, Tabac, Pen's Tallow First... the ingredients lists may not have been space age, but the performance is top notch.
They are classics because the fatty acid profile in the soap is pretty much ideal for a shaving soap. Scents are "old fashioned" for some people because they have not changed since the soap was first sold, and tastes were different then. The actual soap hasn't changed.

I would add Haslinger to the list, too. Wonderful soap.

Shaving soap is actually pretty simple -- low oleic/linoleic acids and high stearic/palmitic acids in the fatty acid profile, potassium lye, enough water to make them easy to lather. Quite a few ways to get there, but the "ideal" soap isn't an unknown.

I've made a few variations, and the good ones all have very similar fatty acid profiles.
MWF Once you get it dialled in it is fantastic soap and the lather just explodes

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