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What cartridge razor would you use if you couldn't use a safety razor?

Sensor Excel......this used to be my daily shaver & was the only one that my sensitive skin could tolerate. It was either the Sensor or go for the ZZ Top Look!
Haven´t tried Atra in a long long time and never tried the Trac II. I guess Sensor Excel is ok but my vote goes to the best cartridge system I have tried so far and that is Wilkinson Sword FX.
Wilkinson Sword Tech 3 for me. I used it on a recent trip when I didn't want to mess with carrying my GEM through security, and it worked like a champ. Much better than the Mach 3 that I used for years IMO.

That vibratey schick thingy I've still got lying round somewhere.

Practiced lathering/brushwork for a couple of weeks but with that plastic battery-operated schick instead of a DE.

After 20 years of electrics I was staggered how close a shave I got. In hindsight it was BBS every day at te risk of ingrowns and neck irritation but it was CLOSE.
If I couldn't use a safety razor I would use the Mach 3. It gives me a great shave. I just wish the cartridges weren't so expensive. The price of mach 3 cartridges pushed me to take up de shaving. If the mach 3 cartridges weren't so expensive I would be using them with a can of Barbasol.
Sensor Excel.

And I have a nice collection of razors to load them in to...:biggrin1:
Although I have three kinds of Gillette handles, I recognize NONE of those other four!

I agree that the basic two-blade Sensor, not the Excel, and certainly not an Excel3, is best. The little added strip of whatever it's supposed to be is really no help at all. Next best among cartridge razors is a TracII, but in a better handle, such as a Bump Fighter.
Personally, i would grow a beard like Joe Henderson or Sean Connery before I used a cartridge razor. Nothing personal but cartridge razors always give me severe razor burn.
Trac II. I have used one the last couple of days with some genuine Gillette carts from 1995 I found at a little general store to shave my head with. I have to admit I really like the results and will shave my face with them sometime. The Dorcos from Dollar General are actually pretty good too, but the Gillettes are better.
How were the Schick blades for the TracII/Atra?

The ones I sent you?

Probably a Wilkinson something-or-other. I use Wikie carts in my Headblade and they're great, especially for the price.
Trac ii on a Bump Fighter handle. It's what I was using until a few months ago. A rack of cartridges ran a little over $11 for generic.
I still keep my Schick Quatro around for touch-ups around my nose. I could get a fairly comfortable DFS with it in a pinch.
I'm currently using a Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision razor. I do own a DE razor but I'm going to start training for the British Army soon and I need a good cartridge razor. My dad has used a variety of razors including cartridge, DE and straight razors. In terms of cartridge razors he has always used Mach 3, with the only complaint being that they're too expensive. After reading this thread I've come to the conclusion that the general consensus is that the Sensor is the best cartridge to use, although some people prefer the standard and some prefer the Excel. If anyone has used both, could you tell me which is better and why? Also, if you think the Mach 3 is better than the Sensor could you also tell me why you think so? I don't have a lot of money to spend buying different razors to try them all myself. Thanks!
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