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what are your favorite war/military movies?

I like watching war movies, both the old classics and also newer ones.

My personal favorite would be Platoon, a close second would be Saving Private Ryan, and then All Quiet on the Western Front.

Any other board members care to share their favorites and of course I'm hoping for ideas if there are movies I've not seen/collected.
Full metal jacket

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War

The Winter War

The Pianist

Battle of Algiers

Stalag 17
Inglourious Basterds from Tarentino. Excellent acting from Christoph Waltz (Best supporting actor) and Diane Kruger.
Band of Brothers
All Quiet on the Western Front
Saving Private Ryan
Flags of our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima
Sink the Bismark
Tora Tora Tora
My Orville aren't you loquatious. :) While I agree Ingloriouis Basterds isn't historically based it is a war movie and is pretty darn funny too. I'm not a fan of historical fiction but then again the winner writes the history books. Some of the acting was amazing and the beginning sequence in the farm house was memorable.

Band of Brothers is great, best DDay jump ever. The books about Major Winters and Easy Company are excellent as well. If I had to pick this would be my favorite series overall, 10 hours of DVD make for an amazing experience.

The Pacific was a let down though I read the book and thought it was much better so it gets an honorable mention in my mind.

MASH both TV and movie are great. Platoon, Saving Private Ryan (best DDay beach landing), Letters of Iwo Jima are all marvelous.

There are so many and thankfully several are on NetFlix's or I have them on DVD. :)

All Great movies.

I'll add:

The Enemy Below
The Battle of Britain

Not quite a war movie, but a wartime movie - Mrs. Miniver.
Watched Patton a few months ago for the first time in years - it holds up well I thought.



Here I am, 1st again.
When I was younger, I was crazy about , "Darby's Rangers."

Then it made it my quite tense, or whatever is the correct word.

Later I read comments about it on the internet. They made it sound not so hot.

I may go back and read those comments again.
Das Boot.

Saw this in German with subtitles . . . LOVED IT.

Cphobes . . . I agree that the performances in Basterds were great. Thing is, it's a Tarentino flick so, like most of his films, the setting is simply part of the "jumping off point" for his brand of film making. Almost incidental to the whole thing, if you will.


B&B membership has its percs
I guess there might be differing definitions of what constitutes a "war movie". In my mind it goes beyond the mere shoot 'em ups and would include those movies where the war has a central presence, thus ..
Catch 22
The Deer Hunter
Apocalypse Now
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