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Welcome To Our Newest Members As Of 5/21/06!

We would like to welcome our newest 10 members to this site! :badger: This past week the following members have joined us!!!
Scott Gifford
Michael S

We’re glad to have you, hope you’ll visit often, and look forward to your postings.

Also, when you have a chance, make sure you check out the following areas:

  • Take time to post a thread about yourself in the Hall of Fame forum.

  • Add your mark on our Google Map (instructions), if you so desire.

  • Join us in our monthly scheduled chat session the first Sunday of the month 5pm P.S.T. The more the merrier!

Again, welcome!

Badger & Blade Mods
guenron said:
Rumor was you had been kidnaped and made a sex slave in an Amsterdam House of Ill Repute..:001_rolle
How was the trip? Did you get to the Rijks Museum?

I heard they gave him top billing as "The New York Nancy Boy"
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm going on a week of DE shaves. My face is no longer raw and I get less knicks than I did with a Mach3.

Yesterday my wife needed a new blade on her razor. I let her use my Mach3 instead cause I don't plan on going back.:biggrin:
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