USPS Flat Rate shipping - 3 bars of soap only $4.95 for shipping!

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    I have had a couple of orders recently that I shipped with the USPS Flat Rate Shipping boxes. Three bars fit nicely into their small flat rate shipping boxes and what a perfect way to give Stone Cottage Soapworks soaps a first try! Only $4.95 to anywhere in the Continental United States! I hope those of you who have tried our soaps are enjoying them!


    P.S. - Just ignore the calculated shipping charge on the order page of our website, you will be charged only $4.95 for shipping when your order is processed
  1. Mer


    Those flat rate boxes are great. If you do your shipping labels online you'll save $.10 and get free delivery confirmation too.
  2. +1 other vendors should pay attention to this as well. There is no excuse for $7.00 - $9.00 shipping on small orders.
  3. Mer


    As long as it fits, it ships.
  4. David I don't know about you but my time is worth something as is my cost for packing materials, wrapping items for shipping, filling out forms and labels can be quite time consuming.
    This is why I charge $7 for priority mail, it is after all S&H shipping and handling.
    A vendor shouldn't be working for free packing and shipping orders.
  5. Do you work for the post office? :lol:
  6. All I'm saying is I would rather buy a $7.00 soap with $5.00 shipping than a $5.00 soap with $7.00 shipping. For some reason it doesn't matter to me that the $7.00 soap guy might be including his "time and handling fee" in the cost of the soap and then charging me exact shipping. It bothers me tremendously though when the cost of shipping is more than it could be especially when USPS will give you priority mail boxes for free, you can print mailing labels for free from paypal and you get a discount on shipping if you pay for the shipping through paypal.

    My ultimate preference is to deal with vendors that offer first class mail as well as priority. Thanks West Coast Shaving, Mama Bear & Queen Charlotte Soaps just to name a few.
  7. I always offer both and as fast as the USPS has been lately 1st class arrives as fast as Priority.
  8. Upon seeing this thread, I thought I'd sample your soaps. However, after registering and all..... the order process seems to be stuck in a loop and I could never get the order completed. :sad:
  9. Folks,

    I tried to reply this morning but got a "server busy" notice on the site.

    Yes, these boxes are great, Mer, and thanks for pointing out about the perks for doing the labels online!

    Bob, I understand what you're saying but you are selling items at a higher price point than I am and as far as I am concerned preparing items for shipping is just part of doing business and I am grateful for the business.

    As gaj90027 pointed out, handling can be built into the price of an item but spending almost as much in shipping as the item costs itself isn't that appealing especially in my market and at my price points. I know all too well what it is like to have to spend a large shipping charge to have a quantity of raw materials shipped to me and have the charge pretty close to the price of the goods themselves! I'm doing my best to make sure that my customers don't have to do that.

    I do offer several options for USPS shipping including Express Mail, First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Parcel Post as well as the above mentioned Flat Rate Priority Shipping so I guess you can include me in your list, gaj90027! :w00t:

    Rugar Packer, I am pleased to hear that you tried to place an order but surprised to hear that you had difficulties in completing it. Upon reading your post, I went to the site and placed an order myself and had no difficulties. Feel free to email me at the [email protected] and I will do my best to assist you.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do to help you. Thanks again for expressing your thoughts on the shipping issues, everyone.

  10. Reminder:

    The Inventory Reduction Sale is nearing an end! I have reduced my offerings from about 250 different scents to under 150. I have a small remainder of 50% OFF scents left so take advantage of the sale and pick up three bars for the low shipping rate of $4.95 per Flat Rate box while supplies last! A perfect way to try out Stone Cottage Soapworks products!

  11. David, how many ounces are in each bar of your soap?
  12. The average weight per bar is about 4.5 oz. minimum but can weigh as much as 5.0 oz. with additives. Recent batches have been increased in size so in the future all bars should weigh a minimum of 5.0 oz. per bar.

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