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  • Hi,

    Can you recreate the handle on this?

    I would like it in the following wood with a natural, unpainted finish: http://www.bellforestproducts.com/exotic-wood/african-blackwood/

    I can send the original to you so you can see the way it is attached but I do not want the original harvested for pieces! The idea is I want to use it as an every day shaver but don't want to put any wear on the original handle. Still, I would like it to have a nice handle for use.

    Here is a closeup showing the hardware with the handle unscrewed. There is a second, yellow plastic, handle that fits the same head. Its little ferule is pinned onto the plastic. if you look at the ferule you can just see one end of the pin. I suspect the metal trim on the black wooden handle is press-fit and it looks like the threads are screwed (and glued?) into the wood.

    Good Mornin Bob,
    I was wondering if you still had any replated Gillette 3 piece heads available?
    I recently got a razor from E Jagger, nice handle-bad head. They are sending me a new Muhle head for it, but I was thinking of trying out a Tech head if possible.
    The screw on the EJ (Merkur head) is M5-.8 or 10-32 to us SAE speakers.
    Hi Bob,
    Just in case you missed it, I wanted to let you know I put a picture of the case I just got from you, (holding a Fatboy), in the safety razor forum. I'm not the best photographer, but it looks good. Thanks again.
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