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Connaught Shaving and Rising U.S. $/U.K. Pound Exchange Rate = Amazing Shave Soap & Cream Pricing for U.S. Buyers

I guess the fees were higher through PayPal (not sure if different credit cards through PayPal would make any difference) because my Chase card is not Sapphire (@jesseixmentioned cards like that usually waive international currency conversion fees or are much less).

Did you use PayPal or just straight up credit card through the checkout?
Just noticed that Connaught raised prices on MWF at some point over the past couple days. The refill puck went from 5.25 to 6.25 GBP (ex VAT) while the soap in a ceramic dish went from 14.50 to 18.25 GBP (ex VAT). They had been out of stock for over a week on MWF so I'm guessing the new shipments came in at a higher price. Still a great deal compared to other vendors.

Suspect we will see more of this as inflation, that is higher in the U.K. than the U.S., works its way through retailer inventories partially offsetting the currently advantageous exchange rates. Other soaps seem to be at the same prices as before.

Glad we were able to place our orders before this. Hope you are enjoying the items in your recent Connaught order.
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