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Straight shave #2- Not good!!

OK. So I think I have it figured out. I beleive Im moving way too fast for one. And another thing as you can see by the attached pic traction is a must!!. I thought the blade would glide without traction ( like my DE) but it appears that traction is part of the equation. BTW I'm O negative if anybody wants to donate a pint or two.


I not sure to what extent you are considering there to be traction, but you should be using an extremely light touch. You should hardly be aware of the blade making contact with your skin. Has your razor been properly honed? Duller razors tend to be more likely to cut because there is a tendency to use greater pressure to compensate for the poor cutting.

Also, if you are new to this, you might want to stick with straight up and down strokes with the grain (WTG) only. In general, for most people, the position of that cut indicates an across the grain (ATG) stroke which you might want to avoid until you get more comfortable with using your razor.
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If it's any consolation, most of us have had very similar situations in the beginning.
Total focus on what you are doing is necessary, and you're right - speed is NOT your friend when learning this.
Don't get discouraged, there will be crappy shaves, there will be complaining by SWMBO that your scarring your face for life (you're not, it'll heal) and you will seem to take forever in the bathroom.
All of these will change slowly and steadily and you will come to realize that you have gotten the hang of it and it's all coming together.
Good luck and keep at it.
Nice one, congrats on the battle scare. With the position of the scare I must say; I tried the same direction ONCE and ended up with a nice slice myself. Never could do it.

Keep trying, after you heal a bit, you'll get it sooner or later.
I think many of us picked up a few gashes like that along the learning road. I know I did. :001_smile The advice above is spot on. Also, always be conscious of where the blade and particularly the toe is at all times.
I got a similar cut a few shaves into my straight razor journey. It stayed redish for a long while and I feared a permanent scar but its finally faded away.
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