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Single Edge SEptember 2021

Less than a week away. Single Edge September. What is that? It's where you shave with just a single edge razor for the whole month and share your journey with us. Here are links to the two previous years to give you a sense of what it is all about:

Single Edge SEptember 2020 | Badger & Blade (badgerandblade.com)

What are the rules? I don't think there is one beyond using a single edge razor to shave with in Sept. and post here the day you shave. Posts can be as brief or expansive as you wish. Pictures are welcome. Problems and successes can be discussed.

There was a time I couldn't get a good shave with a single edge to save my life. Cuts, irritation, missed stubble. I would have a bad shave and not pick up the razor for months.

Participating in my first SEptember made sure I shaved often enough to see improvements. With improvements I wanted to shave with SEs and more improvements followed.

I hope you'll join us, newbie or experienced.
Oh my gosh; I have to schedule my shaves for September between SLANTember and SEptember, and remember to set some aside for OCtober...

But I'm amused that I can shave two birds with one razor at the same time, since I am one of those lucky fellows who has an Above the Tie X1.

Guess what Wednesday's shave is going to be?

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