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Durablade Razor Blades (Samah Industries, Bangladesh)

How much did you pay for them in Abest's package?
I got my single tuck in a sampler pack, so not much when you section it out. Maybe $1 for 5 blades, shipping included.

I don't plan to buy any more, unless my test proves outstanding in experience. I'm not particularly interested in discontinued blades, unless I like them for sure and I come across some fantastic deal. I think my limit is hoarding a few PPI-produced blades like the Gillette Silver Blue and Perma-Sharp.
Shave #4 - Sharp Hi Platinum
Yaqi Mellon
Arko Shave Stick

Today's shave was a good one after switching to a new edge. It pretty much feels new and smooth and quiet again. So this is a good blade for me, but I would limit the usage compared to some other blades that have greater durability and longevity for my use case.

Overall I would recommend the the Hi Platinum if you like blades like the Treet Platinum or Gillette Platinum or even something like a Treet Black Beauty. This is a medium sharpness blade that feels relatively smooth - just don't expect to go Excalibur number of shaves on it.
It is quite unique that right now in the Italian Amazon the Abest blades are sold separately.

Screenshot 2024-04-21 155423.png

9.98€ shipped by Amazon to add shipping with Amazon Prime or or 13.99€ with free shipping shipped by the seller.

Doing the math if I buy with Amazon Prime which I am not subscribed to paying 4.99€ shipping would cost me 13.99€ that is the same price buying direct.

I bought locally a pack of Gillette Silver Blue at 1€ and the whole pack of one hundred blades would cost me 10€ i.e. less than the Abest blades.

I wonder if there is anyone willing to pay that price and especially if it is a fair price for those blades?

Really incomprehensible.
I fell for it again!
I was not deterred by the bad name and bad reputation this Abest blade has in the reviews of users who have tried it.
I'll join their (test) group and once again clicked on the Buy 100 Abest Hi Platinum blades button on Amazon Italia.

A bad blade that has the name the best is an oxymoron. :001_smile and I like the Swiss quality!! :w00t: hahaahhaaha
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