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    Here is the lot I bought it in. It has I think every style of razor Basset produced before being taken over by Gillette. The Filomatic Inox flip top DE came in a few different colors besides black. They also came in green, red, tan and possibly other colors. You can also see the Filomatic F2 injector in the picture and types of blade sets for the injectors. Besides the F2 injector the Filodos cartridge razor was still sold as a rebranded Gillette Trac II razor.
  1. Thanks for the wonderful info and pics. They all look beautiful! Hope to hear from you how it shaves compared to Schick injectors. :)
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    This just in... a PAL, 2 Lady Eversharps, and a Paul Revere. 2019_Jul_08_8077_LR.jpg
  3. Great razors....congratulations!!!
  4. I wonder how the PALs handle feels like when shaving?
  5. Here are some better pictures of those Filomatic injectors that I took now that they are here.

    First is the Filomatic Inox injector.
    filoi1a.jpg filoi1b.jpg filoi1c.jpg

    Next is the F2 injector which looks to be exactly the same as a Gillette Twinjector.

    filoi2a.jpg filoi2b.jpg filoi2c.jpg
  6. The handle is well made and has a good feel also when shaving. It is also a fairly mild shave also. I don't have much experience with injectors to compare but as someone else stated it probably would compare most favorably to a Schick type L.
  7. i have A B Cs and use them all. i was lucky and was able to get 12 magazines of the original blade some time ago and have done will with them. each magazine had 20 blades with a brass blank between 18 and 19 so after months of shaving when you hit the blank you know you have to get more in the next week or two.
    these are my go-to travel razors.
    some have had issues with filling the razor with new blades because the new ones are slightly thinner and if it is worn the plunger can try to catch 2 blades. usually if you just put one in the handle it will load fine.
    i hope you guys like yours has much as it do.
    schick blades1.jpg
  8. Very cool. The brass blank indicator is a very clever idea. I really like my type B.
  9. Thanks for the wonderful information. The blade blank idea is really interesting!
  10. Schick O type.

    1563894336122.jpg 1563894391089.jpg
  11. Gem Junior Bar

    1563279925997.jpg 1563279953211.jpg 1563279980495.jpg
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  13. Thanks! :)
  14. Thanks. I already have a couple of other Gem Junior bars but this one is the best of all. :)
  15. 1289F23D-5BF2-45EA-9AF8-D2873AD73ED7.jpeg BB754F40-8D89-423F-8F5C-7D82759BAE7F.jpeg Picked these two up this week for $10 each both in really nice condition, user grade... a STAR and a GEM gray handle solid bar.
  16. Very nice, they both look to be in excellent shape. I have that same Star it's a great shaver, I especially like the bakelite baton handle. I also have a featherweight Deluxe but I've not seen a featherwhieght with a gray handle they're great shavers too, especially for the first use or two on a new gem blade to tame it a bit for other razors.
  17. Yes, exactly.... they are both a bit rare to find in the wild.... these were from a Vermont antique shop...

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