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modern man

l would like to see Bobby Flay beat him in a throwdown.

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Beautiful tribute, Will. I remember that thread.
Congratulations, Scotto, even though I've never had any interactions with you :tongue_sm

And hats off to Ouch for putting that write-up together. I was especially amused, because I've had that "Hippies Use Backdoor No Exceptions" sign hanging on my bedroom door for the last year, with the arrow pointing towards my hippie roommate's door. I picked it up while getting the hell out of Dodge City last summer.
Congrats Scotto, well deserved.

I love the History of Scotto thread.... Ouch...I have to say, I was LMAO, Perfect....

A heartfelt "Omedetto Gozaimasu"* Scotto! all the way from the sweltering heat of sunny, hot n' humid, soap meltin' Okinawa!:em18:
* Means congratulations in Japanese