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After realizing that I never properly congratulated the other MA winners I thought I'd stop in and say my piece:

Scotto is definitely a top shelf/high caliber gentlemen and I'm proud to serve alongside him in the service of this great forum.

Congrats brother.
I want to extend my warmest congratulations to you Scotto on receiving the B&BMSA. Your time at the B&B is truly legend. Your hard work and attention to detail combined with a scientific regard and rapier wit has set the bar high for those of us who follow in your footsteps. Bravo Sir!
I'm not sure it could possibly be put more eloquently so I'll just quote/bump Jim's response.

Congrats again, Scotto!
The story was actually slightly touching.
I am truly happy to be experiencing the joys of "Badger and Blade".

Congrats Mr. Scotto
What ever happened to Scotto?
I ran across his profile and saw that his last post was in 2010.
It's surprising to see prolific members fall off the B&B planet.