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If you have sought an item on the BST and received a PM from a member telling you "he knows a guy who has one", and who has provided you an email address for that "guy" - I strongly suggest you distance yourself from that fellow as quickly as possible.
He has shown up on other forums with the same mode of operation, and he has contacted numerous members here who were seeking items across a wide variety of item types.

Again - I caution members to ONLY conduct business with OTHER MEMBERS, not to referrals, and to conduct ALL BUSINESS here at B&B via the BST with PM follow-ups and Payment only by PayPal Goods and Services.

Make sure you see pictures that have verification that the seller has the item, and it's not just a picture he downloaded off the Web!

Don't get taken for a ride!
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Don't get taken for a ride!


Last time I got taken for a ride, let's just say it wasn't pleasant. Don't trust this guy. The danger be growing alright on that ride.​

Thanks Phil for always being on the lookout, to protect our community. But fun note, it's easy to detect the scum, using the bad egg detector, it's never wrong.


Yeah, an entitled Karen in the making, a one Veruca Assault, she's a very bad egg.​

I usually post this here bunny on this here site:


This being the rabbit we all follow down his various holes.

But, now, I need a different rabbit:

The rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Have that rabbit go see this scammer. ;)


Yep! That's the one, all right! Just what scammers deserve.

My rabbit is very nice and only slowly eats the lettuce out of your wallet. ;)

Common sense here. I may be in one of these situations right now. I am waiting for pic verification. Hope it's not the case.
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