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Really nice scrubby brush?

Looking for suggestions here. I find my self going back to my cheap vulfix pure a lot because I like the scrubby feeling. But I would like something a little more dense, and maybe a tad stiffer of bristle. Suggestions?

I am thinking especially the Shavemac Pure that Chris also asked about, or maybe one of those cool Plisson Blacks like Sam's....

Oh, I kinda want it realatively big. Not huge, but bigger than a 23.
Not sure what you wanted to spend but I had a post like this not too long ago and the Simpsons Chubby 2 in Best Badger was brought up.
I have a Chubby 1 in Super and it is nice and scrubby. If you decide to get a Simpson and you want a scrubby brush be sure to ask for a brush that has the "barbed" hairs.
The Saville Row SR-108 (25mm knot size) and the SR-112 (30mm knot size) pure badger brushes may be worth a look. Larger knots than the Shavemac's, and about the same price.

Do knot size and bristle length have an impact the "scrubbiness" of a pure badger brush?


Scrubby? Size 12 Plisson Black Badger for around $60 is a great brush and a stunner

The Simpson Chubby #2 Super is a very nice combination of scritchy with some give. So far it has been a very good brush for both soaps and creams. My other brush is a Vulfix 2234 like yours and it has been collecting dust since I got a Chubby. :w00t: If you are looking at a Simpson, be sure to contact Lee at Lee's Razors for the best pricing.

The definition of a so called "scrubby" brush should contain two aspects imo:
-stiff, resilient bristles
-dense packaging of the loft

And to add even more "scrubbiness": barbed or hooked bristle tips.

The most scrubbing brushes in my array are:

1.barbed silvertip Simpsons: i.e. Chubby or Polo ( the so called "Scrubby Chubby"... :wink:)
2.barbed silvertip old bristle type Shavemacs
3.Simpsons best badger brushes f.i. Chubby, Polo, Duke, Major

Thanks for all the suggestions. A chubby 2 does sound pretty ideal, either in best or barbed silvertip. The only problem is that it is really more than I want to spend right now, even in best. Also, I would prefer a somewhat longer handle.

Which leads me to ask - Simpson makes a huge variety of different handles, but is there any differents in the brush head? In other words, do two different handles that both have a 26mm or whatever head and Best hair behave exactly the same, except for the handle? Or does each handle have different nuances in the head? If so, how can you possibly decifer it all to pick the one you want?

Really curious if anyone has experience with the pure grade Shavemac, because it is more my price range. The website describes it as a bit more scrubby, but I'd like to hear other opinions.... And then there is Sam's Plisson....
Moses, Call Lee at Lee's Safety Razors. He's out on LI and sells the Chubby 2 in best for a great price. He's at (516) 626-6457 or (800) 503-5001. It's cheaper than what he has on the website. Just tell him you saw his post on BB or SMF.

This won't be a popular suggestion but, have you thought about a boar bristle brush. The Omega brushes are available in a pretty large size and they certainly won't break the bank.
I have a custom 23mm Shavemac in Pure badger on its way, I will let you know how scrubby or scritchy it is.
Cheers, DJ.


I have the chubby 2 in best and the black plisson and the plisson is scrubbier by a degree of at least 50% more

you keep tempting me Sam....

Although I must say, I have been using my Shavemac the last couple of days and enjoying the luxury - so I have to admit there is a place for that too....
/shrug. You want something scrubby, I too recommend trying an Omega boar bristle brush. Plenty scrubby and works pretty well with stiffer creams/soaps.
Let's keep this topic alive! I'm very interested in a scrubby, Pure brush in the 24mm area and have no idea where to go.

I have a SMFII (Shavemac Silvertip), which is great, but I'd also like something that size and scrubby now.

edit: I have the Omega brush already, and even though it's good, it can't whip up a lather on soaps as well as my Pure can....but my Pure is way on the small side, and I yearn for that magic 24mm size that the SMFII got me hooked on.
I'm new enough, and maybe sensitive enough, to equate "scrubby" with "of poor quality". Is there such a thing as scrubby, but not wiry and somewhat painful, or are we in the midst of a mess of masochists here? =)

If you like a little pain, the Conk Pure that I bought, not knowing any better, will exfoliate you pretty well before you even get the razor warm. IMO, it is evil. My Shavemac is on the way. =)
The Omega is scrubby and (IMHO) the best boar brush out there, but it doesn't hold a candle to any decent badger. (If you want to try the Omega, PM me, as I have a brand new one (never used, still in the box) that I would be happy to sell/trade).

I really like the SR pure badger's that I have, pretty scrubby and great prices. I also find that shorter brushes in any grade are scrubbier than their longer-haired cousins.

For some reason, the Simpson brushes are very popular, despite being quite expensive. I have a small Simpson Rover (not much wider/taller than the SR 100 travel brush I have), its a great brush, but (again IMHO) not worth the 3x the price I would have paid for a comparably sized SR pure.

I'd stay away from the Vulfix pure brushes (I have a 2197), they're scrubby, but floppy, so don't work that great on soaps and take more work to lather creams/shave sticks.

I almost bought a Plisson in black pure badger, but opted for the Rover instead, as it just didn't do it for me (but this is based on how the brush looked/felt in the shop, as opposed to how it worked in use).

Let us know what you get and your results.
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