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Criticism / Praise of shaving brushes

I got to thinking with the recent thread about Simpson LE brush quality issue, and I remember one part sticking out to me that the knot never should have passed inspection. The knot itself isn’t a lost cause, but I understand the criticism of the thick black bristles sticking out. It is an image problem and a comfort issue, but frankly all makers share in bristles the incorrect way. Can't imagine tens of thousands of hairs not wanting to align properly. Thinking on it, I remembered a brush I have that definitely should have not passed inspection and should have had some TLC given it before it was shipped to me.

The Oumo Meri knot, with a handle from some chinese maker.

oumo meri 1.jpg

oumo meri 2.jpg

oumo meri 3.jpg

Out of hundreds of brushes, I've never seen another with so many little hairs sticking up. I'd be livid if they were reversed and had blunt ends. Annoyed? Yes. It does still function, but really Oumo, how does this pass inspection? I made the choice to not bring it up with the manufacturer, and in use it really isn't noticeable. I have to force myself to notice it. In terms of reversed hairs, I only managed to get rid of three. I know I have worse out there, and with time I'll find those culprits. Frankly, boars are the worst offenders in this respect in my experience. I do see a few darker hairs looking at the topdown view that my eye can't spot. It isn't a pure white, but I didn't think it would either.

In praise of the brush, it is much like Shavemac D01 2-band like I thought. A bit of a thinner hair, and I should have gone with the extra density in the fan, but a bulb would be just fine with this density. Another plus for it is I think I could manage to get away with using this more regularly. I like the handle, but to be fair that wasn't what came with the brush. I ordered it as just a knot. Works good for face lathering or bowl lathering, but then again, I don't subscribe to the camp a brush is either/or. Some handles do gravitate to a certain style yes, but it comes down to the user and preference. I make anything work how I want it. Well, almost anything. I do have one brush I keep considering using, but no idea how as it is a huge display brush.

One other criticism does come to mind, and that is with Rhodium.


Really my biggest complaint here is just where is the man? He has at this point year long plus complaints against him for taking handles for knotting services and hasn't contacted the individuals. Multiple people having paid him and services not rendered, no communication, nothing. I'd be far more pissed about that than anything. In regards to my actual brush I have? No complaints. I can't find a hair misplaced here, but frankly, being a one man show, I expect that. I don't believe there isn't, I just don't believe from the scale of how many hairs go into a brush of that not happening, I just can't find one at the moment. I'm sure given enough pedantic searching, I'll find it, but it's just not worth it for me. Maybe the lines on the handle at times, but that's really searching for it. I think the tips gel just slightly, but that would be my worst complaint for what I have. The worst complaint is he's missing in action and has outstanding customers he has taken money from and hasn't provided service.
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