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New Aesop Synthetic Brush Review

Hi everyone! I am really excited to be posting my first review here on B+B!

I worked out a thorough method of reviewing brushes in general when I was auditioning brushes to include all the specs which I have outlined below!

In the end I aim to review different categories pertinent to the brush, explain my use case- the dimensions as well as performance to conclude with a final review. Although I will be ranking certain fields (apart from quantifiable aspects) 0-5, instead of giving a final average of 0-5 (so as to not bias max backbone where 0 is no backbone and 5 is max - but max is not necessarily the best) I will give a bottom line with the good, the bad and my final thoughts.

I am starting with potentially one of the best synthetic brushes I can imagine synthetics actually ever being- The V2 Aesop Synthetic Brush.

The Brush:

My Use Case: Face lathering from a bowl of TOBS Cream for Sensitive Skin


Cost: £47 (2023)
Weight: 60g
Knot Width: 23/24mm
Knot Height: 53/54 mm
Knot Density (observable): medium to low
Handle: 46cm diameter at base

Fibre Performance; potentially Mühle STF

Water Retention: 4/5
Heat Retention: 4/5
Backbone: 3.5
Splay: 4/5
Softness Factor: 4/5
Scrub Factor: 4/5
Bounce/ Spring Factor: 2/5
Realism Factor (for synths): 3/5
Glue Bump Factor: 1/5
Precise Factor (when painting): 2.5/5
Flow Through: 3/5

The good: The first obvious thing is the handle which I personally love; the dip at the base makes a good groove for my thumb and index. Its worth noting that Mühle does not themselves offer a brush with the handle design. Essentially if this is STF then it is a good size to value (large equivalent of Mühle) and you get the option of the this handle style which I much prefer to the Mühle handles (except maybe the hexagon (drool)) Next obvious is the fiber; it look a bit cream colored it appears somewhat realistic but still its easy enough to separate from real badger. This fiber is excellent. It has great water and heat retention. This is maybe the only synth brush I could imagine benefitting from soaking in hot water before use. The water retention makes up for the fact its not super dense. I face lather so splay is meaningful to me; This brush is quite soft when painting, but if you want some scrub I find that the tips of this brush can deliver that if I push ever so slightly. The size is something that worried me at first- but it for me and my face- practically the best size being large enough to quickly lather but small enough to exfoliate if feel like it-

The bad: The density of the knot is not a lot- compared to the Sovereign Duke 3 - it was miles apart. That said- given this fiber retains more water than the sovereign type it kinda makes sense. I personally prefer a real material for a handle- wood or metal. I would have also liked more weight.

The neutral: the brush isn't a lather hog but it does hang on to some of the lather. the handle is a subjective thing as far as material and shape goes. Size preference is subjective.

The bottom line: Honestly save from the prospect of Simpsons Platinum fiber, I basically think this is the best synthetic money can buy. The handle is a delight- although it is almost £50 it is made in England- the lack of glue bump suggest that whoever manufactures this definitely knows what they are doing. The lack of density feels less luxurious at first but in the end if this was more dense I wonder if it would be more of a lather hog? The key giveaways this was a superior brush were that it clearly retains heat well (~1 minute). It retains moisture well too- even once its wrung out - it doesn't feel dry - and it doesn't dribble down the handle. The brush has backbone and dare I say feels quite realistic to an actual badger. It's great in the sense you can decide on how much it exfoliates by how much you push- if you need less you can simply be more gentle- all this without feeling like I am mashing the brush. I am honestly impressed- especially by a company that only offers 1 brush period. The price is totally on point- not too much I feel I am over spending- but correct for a high quality brush handmade in England. I definitely recommend checking it out.

An added benefit; because Aesop is a cosmetic chain they have a fairly flexible return policy, I love this brush and plan to keep it- but at least this way you can try it and decide for yourself. A second bonus- you can often try the product in the store and its worth it!


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I have this brush and really like it. At $65 AUD, it is good value. Thanks for the review. I enjoyed reading it and agree with your comments.
Thanks for posting this!!! Their aftershave balm is absolutely essential imo. I wish they did a proper shaving cream - you just know it would smell amazing!!!


My exploding razor knows secrets
AESOP's "Sori Yanagi" shaving bowl (actually a kitchen salad bowl) became popular among shaving forums a few years ago.
Today it remains a go-to travel shaving bowl for many people.

But I would recommend buying this bowl designed by Sori Yanagi directly on Amazon or other places. It will be much more cost-effective than adding the AESOP brand.

Not sure if the same premium situation exists on AESOP's brushes.
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