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Edwin Jagger 9EJ256 small super badger


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This post is essentially a copy and paste job from my shave journal, but I figured I'd post this here in in the brush forum too, as these brushes don't seem to get as much airtime as the bigger brands.

Edwin Jagger 9EJ256 small super badger



The knot is a little misshapen from living and travelling in a square cardboard box, but that will some come right with an initial shampoo, and a couple of uses.


The handle is a nice weight, well made, and not overly flashy on the branding. To my eye, it's a very tastefully presented brush. The handle feels very ergonomic too.


The sales blurb suggests a knot size of 19mm x 44mm, and received it measures 20mm x 46mm. It's not entirely scritch free, dry, and prior to any use. If my similarly sized Vulfix 660S, which is also sold as super badger, is used as a benchmark, then this Jagger brush feels a little more like best badger, or at least the best badger on my Simpson Case and Special. Not the fluffy spineless best badger on my Wee Scot.

There's noticeably more backbone on the Jagger than the Vulfix too. Obviously though, this may all change after a few uses, and these are the comparison of one of each type of brush, and there shouldn't be any assumption that anyone else buying either brush, would receive something identical in feel. We all know how much bristle can vary between brushes.


Shown here with the Case pure and 660S for size comparison.

The handle on the Jagger is turned, whereas on the Vulfix 660S, it's a cheap injection moulded handle. The seam on the injection moulding being visible, but not particularly noticeable by feel in use.


The seam line on the Vulfix handle.

Overall, first impressions are positive on this little Jagger super. The delivered price to me was £34.30 (reduced from £49), and I do feel like I got a good deal here. Personally, I wouldn't have paid full price for it, because I'm a tight arse whose price ceiling is £40. Comparatively, the Vulfix was about £23, if I recall correctly.

Out of the box, it seems like it should be a damn good little brush.


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First use of this brush this evening.

I'd given it a good shampoo yesterday evening, after which it bloomed a fair bit, evaporating the feeling of backbone it had out of the box. It's still not my floppiest brush, but now has a gentleness instead of the initial promise of modest scrub. As such, I lathered with my layering technique, and it did a terrific job. I think it would work well for those who like bowl lathering too, but maybe not for face lathered who load heavy from the start.

It's not ultra soft on the tips yet, and there is a slight scritchy presence. Not unpleasant, just enough to let you know the bristles have made contact. It only seems to be a few hairs within the knot, and there's a good chance that'll fade away as the brush breaks in. I think it would be perfectly comfortable enough for using with shave sticks, or a little shaving cream smeared directly on the cheek.

No Houdini hairs noticed during last night's shampoo, or today's first use. The handle was comfortable to hold, and never felt like it was trying to escape my grip. Overall, while I do tend to prefer scubbier brushes, I'm very happy with This, and think I got foot value for money.

If I remember, I'll post an updated pic after a few more shaves, to show how much it's bloomed. Hopefully in better lighting than my earlier pics too :001_tongu
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