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Razors and Blades Myths

Found this paper written for tHe Law School of the University of Chicago and thought it would make interesting fodder for discussion. I take no stand on its assertions but pass it along for your consumption and thoughts. See it at below link. Interesting discussion of Gillette, his business model and some "facts" about all of these. Does this hobby have any limits to its fascinating details? http://www.law.uchicago.edu/files/file/532-rcp-razors.pdf
It's an interesting thesis (namely that Gillette didn't "invent" the blades and razors marketing strategy), and that it wasn't until he did so that his product really took off.

However, I think one shortcoming in the argument is that, until that point, Gillette didn't NEED to go to blades and razors. The market didn't previously force him to innovate in that way.
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