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Proraso, you're starting to let me down

The last couple of shaves with Proraso have been less than exemplary. I've had patches of razor burn where I usually don't get it. Sloppy technique perhaps but with the C&E Sweet Almond Oil Cream I don't have the same problem.

And then if that wasn't enough trouble from Proraso, the plastic green cap to the tube broke on me yesterday. Now I don't have a cap for the tube and have rigged up a piece of cork that I had lying around.

That's two strikes Proraso. One more and I'm going to be using C&E creams full time! :eek:
Oh man my Proraso cap broke on me as well. I thought I was the only one. I managed to put the cap back on but it is not secure ahh well. If it dries up then it jsut gives me another excuse to run down to the store and pick up some more :001_smile
that seems to always happen with Proraso tubes. I still use the cap, but make sure that the tube is standing upright (cap side down) as to keep it secure and prevent the cream from drying out.


I've not broken the cap to my Proraso, although I understand this is a MAJOR issue with the Coates tubes. However, I believe that unless you have changed tubes of Proraso, it comes down to user error! If you were getting great shaves, and suddenly something changed, yet you are still using the same tube...it ain't the Proraso that changed! Don't falsely accuse your poor tube of Proraso. Afterall, it's the one with the broken cap!:biggrin:

the cap broke on my first tube. im onto my second. Im gonna try to find another tube of some sort that uses the same size cap and "borrow it" even its from some hardware product. i would really like to see metal caps with this stuff- :smile:
Hmm, that's an interesting idea....we should measure our tubes in cap stem diameter and thread pitch. That way we can compare sizes.

If they all use the same sizing, maybe we can find a metal cap somewhere for all of these tubes. If not, then just for the Proraso.
Wow, that's the brilliance of the people in this forum!

A metal cap would really do the trick. I'll have to see what I have lying around.
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