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Proraso Revisited - Is Proraso Only For Beginners? NOT Necessarily.


I used Protetivo (tube) again today, starting to appreciate its performance more very close to the quality of Palmolive. A slight edge to Palmolive as far as cleanly loading from palm to brush. The menthol in the Pro is nice and mild, I don't feel it before my first pass, but there's a nice, not 'in your face' cooling effect as I lather up for my 2nd pass. For me, I'm not sacrificing anything but a more luxurious scent when using this vs one of my soaps.

Edge to Proraso being easier to acquire in North America. Will definitely be buying again.

I have yet to use my recently acquired tube of Proraso Blue. I wanted to see what it smelled like so I opened the tube and took a sniff. Smelling nothing, I decided to squeeze a little bit out into my palm to see what it was like. Well, I gave the tube a squeeze and nothing happened. I gave it a bit more of a squeeze and nothing happened. I gave it a bit more of a squeeze and pow, it let go. I ended up with about 1.5" of cream on my hand.

Since you can't put it back, I decided to give it a palm lather. I don't mind the smell at all and it seems to give decently slick lather.

Note to self, next time maybe just try poking the end of the tube to see if the cream has dried up a touch before squeezing too hard...
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