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Aveeno Skin Relief shaving gel review

N.B. both types of Aveeno shave gels I saw in Canada have brown tops instead of blue.


While not quite as good as my tubed or tubbed soaps/creams, I always keep a can of shaving cream/gel around for quick shaves. Years ago Gillette used to be my go to, then it was displaced by Barbasol, which was in turn replaced by Proraso. I had heard good things about the Aveeno shaving gels and wanted to see if they could dethrone Proraso. I‘ve been using it for the past two months or so for maybe a dozen shaves.

SMELL is pretty good. It is familiar, sweet and dessert-like. It rinses right off though and doesn’t interfere with aftershaves.

SLICKNESS requires more water than other canned creams.

PERFORMANCE isn’t what I had hoped for. It seems to lack beard softening ingredients. Shaves were “tuggy” no matter what razor or blade I used. Perhaps the ingredients meant to protect the skin does the same to the integrity of the beard hair.

FACE FEEL after the shave is very good. The gel feels like it contains lotion and one could forgo using aftershave if desired.

This gel is just plain ODD for me. Usually when I have a ”tuggy” shave, it means that either I messed up my prep or I’m using a dull blade, and the aftershave slap will sting a lot. But with this gel my skin feels great afterwards.

Guys whose skin reacts to many chemicals and want to avoid using pre-shaves and aftershaves should give this gel a try. It might not be the most comfortable shave but the skin is at peace afterwards.

For myself, Proraso is still my favorite can.
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