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Props to Chrisl

Well I wanted some Chromium Oxide for my homemade balsa wood paddle and bought some from Chris for the steep steep total price of 4 bucks. I was expecting just a small bag of powder tossed in an envelope in my mailbox whenever it showed. Boy was I wrong. First I got it very, very fast. I found two sheets of paper with a good amount of powder neatly double bagged and secured to one of the sheets. A little goes a very long way. My paddle was 15 inches and I could easily do 5-6 of these. Chris provided instructions, tips, and even a couple of photos. The cool thing was the instructions were not overbearing. They provided enough info to get you going but left you the leeway to experiment and learn. I don't know how the CrO is going to work for me as the paddle is still drying and these things are YMMV anyways, but if you are considering CrO I highly recommend hitting up Chris with a PM. Chris thanks for the great service!:thumbup:
Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking to pick up some chromium oxide.

Get it from Chris, I too got some from him, and would have to say praise is due.

Leche: what did you use to make the powder into a paste? I'm looking for a suitable product to use.
Chris mentioned light honing oil, which I didn't have on hand. I did some looking around and saw several mention mineral oil, which I did have. This worked well just took a bit to dry. I think I made it a little thin, so maybe a bit thicker would dry faster.
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